Example CAN-CNC-Control

Topology CAN-CNC controller

With consequent use of the CiA's (CAN in automation) CANopen standards, isel Germany delivers a high quality PC-based CAN-CNC controller
for intelligent positioning/drive units and I/O modules.

The CAN-CNC controller supports interpolation operation (linear, circular and helical) of up to six positioning drives per machine and up to 127 handling axes and CAN modules. The high time demands of a CNC controller are guaranteed by a WDM driver  developed by isel. An additional real time operating system for  Windows will be unnecessary. This guarantees  compatibility with future Windows versions The CAN controller is a pure software solution for PCs with Windows 2000/XP/VISTA/Win7 (32/64 bit). The CANopen PCI boards iCC 10/20 also act as an interface.

Owing to the features provided, the CAN-CNC controller is equally suited for all machining tasks, such as milling, engraving, drilling, turning, water jet and laser cutting, as well as for applications in automation systems. For this purpose, ProNC provides a universal programming environment.


  • Machine control to the CANopen standard as a pure software solution for PCs with Windows 2000/XP/VISTA/Win7 (32/64 bit)
  • CiA-Standard, DS 301, DSP 401, DSP 402
  • Supports up to six positioning axes and 127 handling axes and CAN modules.
  • Look ahead track processing with a freely definable number of movement elements, which the controller processes while looking ahead.
  • Jerk limitation for elimination of mechanical vibrations
  • Upstream speed control for highly dynamic and lag error-free machining
  • Software tools for setting and optimising motor final stages/positioning modules

  • Interfaces for PC:
    - CANopen PCI board iCC 10 (single channel)
    - CAN bus 1
    - CANopen PCI board iCC 20 (two channels)
    - CAN buses 1 and 2