Electronic Hand-Wheel

359010 0002
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2-3 days

for machines with isel CAN CNC control.
Also available as a retrofit kit for your CNC machine.

Part No.: 359010 0002

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This portable control unit should not be missing on any CNC machine! It is the ideal add-on for your isel CNC machine for teaching and manual driving of the axes.

The CNC hand wheel features high operating comfort and unrestricted freedom of movement. The machine operator can best concentrate on what is happening in the workroom.



  • robust, ergonomic plastic housing, H 223 mm, B 91 mm, T 92 mm
  • rubberised magnet bracket at the back
  • hand-wheel with mechanical latching up to 0.001 mm step size
  • emergency stop button and enabling button
  • dirt-repellent membrane keyboard with 15 keys
    (each with status LED for indicating selection and readiness for operation)
  • Spiral cable: 18 x 0.25mm² shielded, 1.5m coiled length, 3.5m stretched
  • robust and industrial grade stainless steel plug
  • high protection class (IP65)
Technical Data - Ordering Data Systems
(Size: 21 MB)
Features, technical information
Electronic handwheel RCS07 for CAN-CNC
  • 1. selection of the axes
  • 2. setting the feed rate (slow, medium, fast) 
  • 3. continuous or step by step driving (step by step: on selection ) 
  • 4. actual position transfer 
  • 5. freely available function keys

Keyboard Layout