ile 20/20 for increased payloads and feed forces

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  • available with one or two integrated ball screw drives!
  • compatible with the LES predecessor

Version with two spindles on request

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The linear unit iLE 20/20 is based on a sophisticated linear technology, which has been continuously developed by many years of experience and numerous specific customer requirements. Customer requests and experiences from the service fields have been incorporated as product developments. 

This enables us to offer a suitable linear system for every application as well as to design tailor-made solutions for individual customer requirements. The linear units are available with one or two integrated ball screw drives (Ø 20 mm), inclines* of optional 5/10/20/40 mm and with 2, 4, 6 or 8 steel slides with aluminium clamping plates.

(* at present only 5 mm available) Profill length 290 mm up to 2990 mm in 100 mm increments available!

Two drives – one axis!

The linear unit offers the possibility to implement two independent linear movements in one unit by installing two ball screw spindles. Thus 2 linear movements with the smallest dimensions can be realized

  • high-rigid and high-precision drive unit with smallest dimensions
  • high load capacity, high precision and high stiffness thanks to integrated profile rail guidance
  • high positioning and repeatability due to ball screw drive with backlash-free nut system 
  • high processing speeds with high precision due to ball rail guides, large spindle diameters and inclines

Short Description *

  • optimized bending stiffness and improved linearity
  • increased payloads and feed forces
  • compatible with the LES predecessor
Catalogue and Flyer
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Ordering data, features, dimensions, permissable spindle speeds, techn. data as well as dimensioned drawings!

Technical Data

inertia torque Ix 705 705 cm4
inertia torque ly 2807 cm4
centroid of an area 39,4 mm
cross-sectional area 54,22 cm²
material EN AW-6060 T66
anodization e6/eV1
weight with steel rail guide 20,6 kg/m
weight with steel rail guide and KG-spindle 22,8 kg/m

Permissable spindel speeds KG-spindle ø 20 mm, fixed-lot storage

spindle pitch p [mm] 5 10 20
profile length [mm]     max. permissible spindle speed n zul. [1/min] max. permissible feed rate
v zul. [mm/s]
490 6000 500 1000 2000
990 4000 333 667 1333
1390 2000 167 333 667
1490* 4000 333 667 1333
1990* 2000 167 333 667
2490* 1500 125 250 500
2990* 1000 83 167 333
3490* 700 58 117 233
* with spindle underpinning
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