LEZ 3 (with thooted belt drive)

23200 xxxxx
Delivery Time
5 weeks
  • Aluminum profile, miniature linear guide LFS-8-4
  • backlash-free feed with toothed belt drive
  • shaft slide WS3, L176 x B130 mm
  • available in lengths up to 6000 mm
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  • Aluminum profile, miniature linear guide LFS-8-4
  • Backlash-free feed with toothed belt drive, toothed belt with 5 mm pitch, width 25 mm
  • Feed rate max. 5 m/s
  • Axis slide WS3, L176xW130 mm
  • Feed per rotation:
  • 70 mm or 150 mm
  • Repeat accuracy less than or equal to ± 0.2 mm
  • End or reference accuracy < 0,1 mm
  • Available in lengths up to 6000 mm
  • Motor modules can be flanged on the right and left side

Axis stroke :

  • without motor, with axle carriage | profile length X -235 mm
  • without motor, with carriage | profile length X -235 mm

Shaft slides and guides also available in stainless steel !
Order details, load diagram see data sheets


  • Special lengths in increments of 100 mm on request, max. 6000 mm
  • Limit switch override with connection cable (only integrated in combination with drive module)

Subject to technical modifications.

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Type riem HTD 5M, breedte 25 mm
Gewicht van de schuif 0,940 kg
Gewicht zonder aandrijfmodule 1000 mm = 10,5 kg
Soortelijk gewicht van de tandriem 0,09 kg/m
Gewicht van de trolly 2,03 kg 
specific guide weight 0,648 kg/100 mm
Toevoer per draai Toevoer 70 mm/turn............................22.28 mm
Toevoer 150 mm/turn..........................47.75 mm
Effectieve Ø van de synchrone schijven Toevoer 70 mm/turn............................5.58E-6 kgm2
Toevoer 150 mm/turn..........................1,796.10-4 kgm2
Moment van interia van de synchrone schijven 70 mm or 150 mm