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Main area of business of isel Germany AG is the provision of components from

 Product Overview Mechanics  Produktübersicht Bereich Elektronik  Produktübersicht Bereich Software  Produktübersicht Bereich Systeme  Produktübersicht Bereich Display  Product

: Aluminium Profiles, Linear Guides, Drive Units, Linear- and Rotary Units

Electronics: Motors, Sensors, Controllers

Software: CAD-CAM Software, Control Software, Programming software, Drivers

Furthermore CNC Routers and CNC Milling Machines are available with extensive accessories. This includes also commissioned work and project planning for OEM customers in all sectors.

In addition to an expert advice, isel Germany AG also offers services like trainings and project planning as well as automation components like Wafer Handler, Prealigner, Linear Units, Endeffectors, and accessories for the semiconductor industries.

The development of "CNC" machines, aluminum profiles and components from the fields of mechanics, electronics and software, e-mobility, employee networking and workplace design are one of the main goals of isel Germany AG.

In the Display area, you will find advertising and sales equipment, scanners and digitizers, video and audio exhibits as well as LED and laser applications.

In the lifestyle section you will find e-mobile and e-scooters, solar and wind energy, fitness and wellness equipment as well as business and operating equipment.

Benefit from our years of experience on the market!

We deliver from components to systems from a single source.