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From basic training to training on site

We offer training for plant manufacturers and plant operators. The training consists of a general section and a focus on software or service. You can choose whether you need software or service training and the training lasts approximately 8 hours. We can also base any training on your specific requirements. We offer the following training:

A -- Basic training / One-day seminar at our plant
    Schedule see below
B -- Individual training
    In addition to our basic training, we offer further individual seminars, tailored to the specific applications and needs of the customer.
C -- Fully on site
    The basic training or individual training is delivered directly at your offices or at your customer’s. We also provide you with support in installing our systems.


We would be delighted to send you a non-binding quotation. Please send your inquiry to

Our system training (basic training) is structured as follows::

General section:  (approx. 4 hours)

  • Functionality of the isel-wafer-handler
    • Hardware: mechanic, electronics
    • Software: programmes and files of the IWH


  • Operating the isel-wafer-handler
    • Starting up the robot
    • Setting up the stations (Radial, Inline)
    • Working with the robot (Macros)
  • Diagnosis on the robot using the software RCC
  • Outstanding issues


Software:  (approx. 4 hours)

  • Presenting the Makros as per manual
  • Outstanding issues

Service:  (approx. 2-4 hours)

  • RCC (Robot Control Center) for diagnosis and file handling
  • Updates and parameterisation
  • Minor repairs on the robot (as per manual)
  • Error diagnosis
  • Outstanding issues
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