Mitutoyosurface roughness testing device

Typ: SJ - 201 P
Testing procedure: Ra, Ry, Rz, Rq, Rt


Wolpert hardness testing device

Typ: DiaTestor 2 Rc
Testing procedure: Vickers, Brinell und Rockwell


Electrophysics layer thickness measuring device

Typ: Minitest 600 B
Probe for measurements on steel and NE metals

 Mitutoyosurface roughness testing device    Wolpert hardness testing device    Electrophysics layer thickness measuring device


Machine accuracy (with QC 20)

The QC 20 system permits the cable-less testing of our machines. Geometric and control machine errors such as  perpendicularity, contouring errors, guide clearance, straightness errors and reverse clearance are detected by measuring the circularity. The system is traceable and is inspected by the manufacturer at regular intervals.
 Machine accuracy (with QC 20)    Machine accuracy (with QC 20)    Machine accuracy (with QC 20)


XL-80 laser interferometer

The laser system for the calibration of machine tools and coordinate measuring devices is used by us for ....
... position measurement   ... Tipping angle measurement
The position measurement is the most commonly performed measurement on machines. The system records the positioning and repeat accuracy by comparing the position value displayed by the machine and the position actually recorded by the laser interferometer system. is In machine tools and coordinate measuring devices, the cause of positioning errors is frequently the tipping of axles. Due to the Abbe’s effect, the errors intensify with increasing distance from the axle guide.
... Measurement of dynamic behaviour   ... Straightness measurement
The dynamic measurement software allows movement sequences, speeds, accelerations, oscillations and the performance of servo drives to be ascertained.   The straightness measurement is used to ascertain the horizontal and vertical straightness of machine guides. Straightness errors have a direct impact on the positioning accuracy and linear accuracy of a machine.
XL-80 laser interferometer   XL-80 laser interferometer