proNC Software (Z11-333500)

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Universal CNC Software
  • Runs under the operating systems Windows 2000, XP, Vista, Win7/8, Win10 (administrator rights required)
  • Available for current controls and controllers by isel
  • ProNC is perfectly suited for automation solutions!

Windows Help: ProNC Command Set

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proNC - Processing automation software for Windows

Function Scope

  • Path commands for the relative and absolute positioning of the interpolating axes
  • Programming of additional axes in the handling mode
  • Circular and helix interpolation, and drilling cycles
  • Repeating and counting loops, and branches
  • Numerous math and trigonometric functions
  • Subroutine technology, and symbolic variable
  • Integrationof real and string variables
  • Message window, messages in the status line
  • Loading and saving of process variables
  • Access to digital and analogue inputs and outputs
  • “On-The-Fly” input/output (without movement stop) for dispensing applications
  • Access to the user-specific extension DLLs (Dynamic Link Libraries)
  • Comfortable debug support (breakpoints, monitoring for status and variables


  • Programming in accordance with the standard DIN66025 (G-codes) or isel-PAL
  • Compatibility with earlier program versions (ProDIN, ProPAL)
  • Integrated text editor with numerous functions for rapid and efficient editing of the source code
  • Import of geometry data (NCP, such as for example by isy-CAD/CAM)
  • Use of up to 6 interpolating axes and up to 6 handling axes (equipped with a CAN control)
  • Look-ahead path processing equipped with CAN control
  • Up to 4 spindle motors may be used
  • Up to 4 E/A units may be used (maximum of 64 inputs, 64 outputs)
  • Signalling inputs and outputs for the process synchronisation
  • Teach-in with joystick, keyboard, and mouse
  • Offline programming with simulation modules
  • Step-by-step processing, breakpoints, and system monitoring for commissioning operations
  • May be individually expanded with software libraries
  • Control panels for motion control, input/output, spindles, and tool change by means of buttons
  • Control panel for a maximum of 6 handling axes independent of the interpolating axes
  • Available in the German and English language
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Part No.: Z11-333500

Software ProNC
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