Series ICV CNC-Milling Machine (Servo)

280261 0001
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  • Compact entry-level model in the servo area
  • Low maintenance
  • Control with integrated PC controller
  • Compact desktop machine
  • Ideal for use in schools and training as well as orthopedic milling machines and small series production


Sturdy undercarriage (W 768 x H 1035 x D 1034 mm) with extendible keyboard tray and storage space at the back, powder-coated in RAL 7016 / 3003

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Series ICV CNC-Milling Machine with EC Servo Motor Drive

Ready-to-use small footprint cnc mill

Our ready-to-use cnc desktop router ICV 4030 has been proven for years in practice and will be presented in a completely new design at the beginning of the year. The newly designed machine door with improved hood opening allows a longer travel range in the Z-axis, and therefore a higher passage. Due to the redesigned machine hood and the resulting greater access opening, a 4th axis can now be integrated easily.

Maintenance-free EC servo motors are used as drive, the reliable linear unit LES 5 is used in the X-axis. Furthermore, the universal control PC iPC 25 is installed. The central lubrication makes the machine overall more service-friendly. Also additional signal lamps were integrated.

With a base of just  770 x 836 mm, the machine can easily be operated while sitting in front of it.  An isel workbench made of anodised aluminium profiles is the obvious choice as an „underframe“.

The economically priced CNC machine in modular chassis design, provides travel ranges of 400 x 300 x 140 mm.

A controller including control computer with WINDOWS® operating system and safety devices are built in at the back. An external monitor and a keyboard are required. All mechanical and electronic components are screwed together.

All linear axes in the machine are from the isel range and run on ground precision steel shafts with patented linear ball bearings. Ball-type linear drives installed with zero clearance are used as drives on the spindle pitch which is adapted to the application.

The machine table, made of surface-milled precision T-slot profiles, provides optimum clamping capabilities for most different workpiece holders and fixtures.

The four-axis control unit, integrated into the machine, comprehends all electronic modules of the CNC controller, a remote maintenance module provides user-friendly fault analysis as a special service.

Various machining units, clamping systems, measuring fixtures and accessories extend the basis machine to a complete system for most various applications and branches.

Design, production, sales and service of the CNC machines is provided by isel in Germany, authorised partners take care of sales and service abroad.

Base CNC-Milling machine for further applications. (With the appropriate accessories)

isel safty performance - functional safety

Since October 1st 2019, all isel CNC machines have "yellow safety technology" from PILZ "inside".

We are therefore prepared for all future relevant safety requirements and offer you maximum flexibility and peace of mind for your application.
Behind all this is a SIL and PL certification, which our isel customers can also continue to use for their applications.
We have gained valuable experience for the hardware and software from our numerous special machine projects over the past years, which we are incorporating here as a new standard.

You can also use this added value for your application. In future rely on the "yellow technology" from the market leader PILZ!

Suitable for:

  • Drilling
  • Measuring
  • Cutting
  • Dispensing
  • Glueing
  • Casting
  • Burring
  • Polishing
  • Testing
  • Scanning
  • Scaling
  • Printing
  • Placing
  • Mounting
  • Screwing
  • Etc.
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Software ProNC
[ProNC.EXE] | Version= | Date= Fri Apr 03 15:30:27 2020
Software Remote
Version= | Date= Fri Apr 03 15:30:28 2020
Technical Data - Ordering Data | Desk top machines
  ICV 4030
Processing areas X/Y/Z [mm] 400 / 300 / 140
Bench clamping area WxD [mm] 700 x 375
Gap [mm]  200
Dimensions WxDxH [mm] 769 / 836 / 901
Drive motors Servo motors
Linear guides Linear Units with precision steel shafts and ball recirculation carriage,
play-free adjustable
Processing speed X/Y/Z [mm/s]
Repeat accuracy (mm) 0,02
Drive elements X/Y/Z

Ball screws16x10 / 16x10 / 16x5 mm, play-free adjustable
(optionally 16x4 mm in X/Y/Z)


CAN-Controller iMC with 3 drive control modules, integrated controll computer,
I/O module, safety circuit and standstill monitoring, power supply 48 V / 1,000 Watt

Operation Operation Funktion keys and emergency stop
Software WinRemote (optionally: ProNC, CAD/CAM isy 2.8)
Weight (kg) approx. 120
Load values 230 V / 16 A
Part-no.. 280250 4400
Part. No.  
310704 1631 Spindle motor iSA 500 with CoolMin, frequency converter
310707 1631 Spindle motor iSA 750 with CoolMin, frequency converter
310709 3612  Spindle motor iSA 900 with frequency converter
239170 0001 Collets ER 11 for iSA 500 and iSA 900, 13-piece, Ø 1-7 mm
239171 0001 Collets ER 16 for iSA 750, 10-piece, Ø 1-10 mm
239011 0053 Tool changing station 5-fold linear changer, for SK 11 tool holders
239111 0001 Tool holder SK 11 for collets ER 11
280120 9010 Length measuring sensor
239012 0000 Dust extraction for ISA 500/750, opening manually
239012 0004 Dust extraction for ISA 900, opening pneumatically
269100 0030 Tailstock unit RE-XS for rotary axis RDH-XS
266000 0200 Rotation unit RDH-XS, HD transmission U = 1: 101, full-wave design, servo drive
269060 4065 Three-jaw chuck
216601 0017 Vacuum clamping plates VakuFit L, 210 x 150 mm, with holes System
290014 Clamping elements set mechanically
Z13-337070 isy-CAM 2.8
Z11-333500  ProNC Software
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