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Special machines

Individual CNC special solutions for your automation task!

isel Germany AG is amongst others specialized in planning, conception and manufacturing of production facilities, industrial and special machinery.

Here you find some examples for special machinery.


Customized CNC machine, Fa. Frohnhäuser
Operational area, orthopaedic engineering.


Customized machine for production ball screw nuts


Customized machine for production ball screw nuts


Customized CNC machine, Fa. Otto Bock
Operational area, orthopaedic engineering.

   special machine orthopaedic engineering


Customized CNC machine, Fa. Vogt
Operational area, measuring

   special machine measuring


Customized CNC machine
Fa. Design-Naturell Optik GmbH
Operational area, eyewear manufacturing


Customized CNC machine for eyewear manufacturing


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