LSK - Rails de guidage linéaires

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Advantages of LSK Linear guides

  • High Parallel Accuracy of Rails and Blocks
  • Diverse initial tension available Z0 to Z4
  • Rail lengths available on customer request
  • High availability and short delivery times
  • Unbeatable price / performance ratio

Steel slide (GR-xx, GL-xx, FR-xx, FL-xx) + Steel rail LS-xx = Linear guide LSK

LSK linear guides

The LSK linear guide provides linear movement with the help of balls. By the use of balls between carriage and rail an extremely precise linear movement can be achieved.
In comparison with a conventional guide rail, the friction coefficient is still only one fiftieth. By the priority control of the carriage on the rail, LSK linear guides can carry loads
in both a vertical and horizontal direction.

LSK offers machine type or industrial design and uses flange or block models


  • machining centres lathes
  • grinding machine
  • heavy cutting machines
  • automation systems
  • measurement systems


  • industrial automation
  • semiconductor systems
  • laser engraving systems
  • packaging machines
  • lifting equipment
  • electroerosive process
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