Profilé aluminium Série S

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Profilé aluminium Série S

Our aluminium profiles are naturally anodized extruded profiles manufactured in compliance with DIN EN 12020-2, available in the standard length of 3 m and 6 m, width and length are variable. On request we will also be happy to cut your aluminium profile to the required length. Various aluminium profiles cover a wide applications spectrum, so that you will certainly find the ideal solution for your construction at isel. 

Aluminium Panel profiles

Panel profiles (PP) serve as connecting elements for side panels and table substructures and complement the isel stand profiles. They allow fast and simple construction of frames, tables and racks.

Aluminium Universal profiles

The name says it all, isel universal profiles (PU) are all-purpose and are also suitable for higher loads. Like the panel profiles, they serve mainly the construction of frames, tables and racks. On request, they are also available with powder coatings.

Aluminium T-slot plates

The very precise aluminum T-slot plates and aluminum T-slot disks (PT) are particularly suitable as a universal clamping and working surfaces of machinery and precision devices and are available in four standard sizes.

Aluminum Rectangular profiles

isel rectangular profiles (RE) are a flexible all-rounder, because with the matching accessories, numerous applications are possible. Due to their stable honeycomb construction, they are very light, very stable and are ideal for base constructions and universal clamping and working surfaces.

Aluminium Light frame profiles

Light frame profiles (PL) are preferred used in the construction of lightweight automation assemblies, -devices and hoods and are suitable for higher loads. Optionally, they are also available with powder coatings.

Aluminium Stand profiles

Aluminum stand profiles (PS) are suitable for constructions of machine frames, assembly tables, frame structures or equipment carriers and stand stable and secure at high loads. They are also available with powder coatings on request.

Aluminium Work benches

Whether for clamping devices or for measuring, checking or testing: isel work tables (AT) are multifunctional and versatile. A work area up to 2 m is possible.

Aluminium Accessories

Tapped rails, sliding nuts, profil covers, Aluminium corner connectors or Aluminium equipment bases: We offer the matching accessories for our aluminum profiles. Any accessories - even the smallest components - is made by isel and ideally matched to the aluminum profiles.

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