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Machine sur châssis

CNC frame machines by isel – precise, flexible and light weight

CNC Machines and CNC Milling Machines - frame design by isel can significantly increase your machine throughput, because a highly efficient CAN-servo-control as well as optimized CNC software provide ideal production results. Additionally, accurate servo drives reduce scrap, extremely precise ball screws and quality guides ensure optimum guiding.

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An isel CNC frame machine is characterized by a high running smoothness, the processing quality with a repeat accuracy of maximum 0,01 mm is first class. Also for large processing areas our machine tools convince through utmost precision and speed.

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Different capabilities

isel CNC systems are based on high-quality aluminum extruded pressed profiles and are manufactured exclusively in Germany. They create the processing of plastics, metals and wood without the slightest effort and even can be used on non-industrial floors due to their lightweight construction. They can be adjust to changing production conditions at any time due to their flexible manufacturing system and the wide range of models, and therefore are used variably even with large internal changes.