Custom Solutions

Why iselRobotik?

Project Development:

In order to ensure optimal results, well-trained and experienced project engineers oversee the projects at iselRobotik. The project procedure typically proceeds as follows:

  • Define the boundary conditions on-site
  • Cooperative creation of the customer requirements specification
  • Creation of a conceptional design with 3D CAD systems
  • Issue of a project-specific quotation and statement of work including the product requirements specification with all project-specific parameters
  • Release of the product requirements specifications and the provisional conceptional design
  • Creation of the detailed conceptional design specification of the project
  • Upon your release of the detailed conceptional design specification we start with the manufacturing of your customized robotic system
  • System acceptance is completed upon the successful product installation and the meeting all of your specifications


Some important reasons to choose us:

  • We develop, design and manufacture almost all necessary components on our own premises. Thus we achieve highest planning flexibility and extremely short implementation phases
  • We maintain an extensive portion of production in-house and possess a vast amount of high volumn production experience
  • We offer you excellent service and support throughout the product life cycle, from initial design through final acceptance and production use
  • The emulation and integration of third party software is virtually seamless. Your engineering time and cost expenditure is therefore minimal
  • Due to our location in Central Europe and a favorable infrastructure we are on the spot in a short time


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