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  1. isel Standard Robot Controller
    "Standard" | Hard- & Software SKU: Hard-und-Software Standard
  2. Advanced-Controller | Front side view
    "Advanced" | Hard- & Software SKU: Hard-und-Software Advanced
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Hardware & software - controller solutions for your applications

The task of the hardware and software is to control the robot reliably and efficiently and make work with the robot system intuitive and clear. We can supply you with the ideal variant for your application and in accordance with your demands, together with a huge range of additional functions.

"Standard" hardware & software

The controller which is completely integrated into the wafer handler has been in widespread use for over 15 years and has proven itself in the semiconductor industry. Because there is no seperate external controller used, the handling system only requires very little space and is also well suited for replacing other robot systems (emulations are available on request).

The Windows-based RCC software provides support for setting up and management of the robot system and its extensive functions.

"Advanced" hardware & software

The Advanced controller is based on a continous path control with integrated safety PLC which incorporates state-of-the-art technology. The contouring mode makes it possible to set a constant and maximum speed on the TCP, which ensures additional safety during handling the
substrate. The controller runs internally with the Powerlink realtime bus system which improves performance even further.

The high-voltage technology, with the use of an additional linear motor axis is made for very dynamic performance. The supported high voltage technology offers very dynamic behavior when using an additional linear motor axis.

The controller complies with the current international standards for industrial robots. Provision has been made for connection of the ergonomic Teach Pendant with its graphic operating interface, the required functions for safe set-up mode and manual mode. The operating interface integrated into the controller can be visualised on any PC with a VNC viewer. It provides an innovative and intuitive GUI for setting up and managing all functions, a diagnosis and optimisation tool.

The special features of our Advanced hard- and software are that they are our own development, therefore further developments and the know-how are completly isel owned.

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