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Wafer Handler

Wafer handlers for conveying wafers, masks and substrates:

isel Robotics' flagship products are robots for conveying wafers, masks and substrates in the semiconductor industry. These wafer handlers meet the strict requirements for clean rooms of ISO 1 and impress with their precision and reliability. For over 10 years these wafer handlers have been used successfully and throughout the world in the widest range of wafer processing cells, sorters and inspection systems. The modular principle and a large selection of base bodies and arm units make a large number of combination options possible using standard components.

Series 1 wafer handlers:

Series 1 robots are designed for wafer handling. The modular system allows the combination of various base bodies, from 7" to 21" Z stroke, with a large number of different arm modules from 10.5" to 28". Handling weights of up to 3 kg are also possible with the appropriate combination of axes.

Series 3 single-arm wafer handlers:

Series 3 single-arm robots are used wherever a higher structural rigidity is required. They can be used with loads of up to 5 kg, even in combination with long arm modules and a large Z stroke of up to 21".

Series 3 dual-arm wafer handlers:

Series 3 dual-arm robots have the potential to increase the throughput of an application. The two independent arms mean that the wafers on a station can be replaced very quickly and thus empty runs are prevented.

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Further components, such as mapping sensors, flip modules, alignment on the fly sensors, prealigners, linear units or even custom end effectors, can easily be connected to the isel wafer handler (IWH). The isel wafer handler is controlled either using the integrated Standard controller or the optional Advanced controller. Operation using an external controller is also possible. A huge range of pre-installed macros is available to you for programming.