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CNC- and Milling Machines

Powerful CNC machines: precision work by isel!

CNC machines by isel are basic machines for production and combine the latest CNC control with the utmost precision and flexible technology. They are used as milling machines, drilling machines, engraving machines, dosing machines as well as special-purpose machines and applied in all areas of the metal industry, wood- and plastics industry, where a high performance in terms of positioning- measuring and repeat accuracy  have to be fulfilled.

Set Descending Direction

Set Descending Direction

Flexible all-rounder for the production

In order to achieve the best possible machine throughput, the CNC controller will flexibly adapted to the application: Simple applications are controlled by a stepper motor, more complicated applications by a servo-motor with CAN bus. Linear guides from isel are extremely precise by backlash-free ball screw drives and servo-actuators.

CNC machines from isel are made of Aluminium extruded profiles with modular building and are ideal for processing light metals, nonferrous metals, plastics and wood. The very stable aluminum profile light-weight construction offers flexible and light dismounting, so that our working machines can be transported through the narrowest doors without problems.

CNC desktop machines

Space saving CNC desktop machines from isel are all-purpose. In contrast to large CNC machines, they are characterized by their small size, security door and their low initial price. Therefore they are suitable for school as well as education. Desktop machines from isel are produced in three different series with stepper motor drive or servo motor drive.

CNC frame machines

CNC frame machines from isel can be used in the processing of plastics, metals and wood. Compared to conventional CNC machines of the competition, they are despite their size also suitable for the use on non-industrial floors, due to their lightweight design. CNC frame machines from isel are manufactured in 6 different series.

CNC accessories

The wide range of CNC machine accessories from isel is specially matched for the use on isel CNC machines. Only high quality and durable raw materials are used for the production of all components. Sämtliche Teile werden in Deutschland produziert.