3D 打印机组件

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  1. Multirap M800 3D printer from Multec - isel Partner
    Multirap M800
    Delivery Time: 4 weeks
  2. EasyCut PW-2550
    QTeC - 水喷射技术
    Delivery Time: On request

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3D printing technology | Multec Ltd. a technology partner of isel

Multec Ltd. is the specialist for 3D printing technology in FFF / FDM

( FFF - Fused Filament Fabrication / FDM - Fused Deposition Modeling)

3D printing technology is a additive manufacturing, cost saving technology where high quality industrial plastic parts in all kind of shapes and sizes can be produced.

With our new patented award winning multi-print head „Multex4Move“ Multec supplies innovative print heads that are fast, versatile and more comfortable to use.

Industriepreis 2017 - Multec


The multiple print head was been awarded with the German Industrial Prize 2017,
in the category production technology and mechanical engineering

Multec Ltd. a technology partner of isel


In cooperation with isel Germany AG, we are proud to offer you high quality, reliable, industrial 3D printers such as the Multirap M800.
We also supply a self-developed, high-strength, temperature-stable raw material in filament form. Up on request in your desired color.

Multec will be pleased to help you enter the 3D printing technology with consulting, service, training and maintenance contracts.

Multec be up-to-date in 3D printing technology!

If you have special questions regarding 3D printing feel free to give us a call and we will be glad to help you! 
+49 (0) 7587  950380