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Linear stages from isel: Flexible technology for all requirements

Linear motion units (linear stages) are used today in almost all areas of manufacturing and engineering: The more flexible the drive, the better. Linear technology from isel based on years of experience and many specific customer requirements, which have been incorporated into the development of our linear units. So we are now in a position to offer a suitable linear solution for every application. Even special motor connections are available on customers request. Contact us!

XY Slide Configurations

XY Slide Configurations

XY Slide Configurations - as PDF file

Our linear units consist of anodized, rigid special aluminium profiles and can be delivered - depending on requirements - with spindle drive, belt drive and linear motors. Linear technology from isel works powerful, highly accurate and provides scope for individual structural design possibilities.


Linear Units from isel: Examples of use

Examples of use
F1: Crossbench
F2: 3-axis raised configuration
F3: 5-axis flatbed configuration

Linear units with spindle drive

Linear units with spindle drives LES are pre-finished modules that are used in factory automation, handling technology and light engineering. Due to the configuration options of their axes, they are extremely flexible applicable for the machine and plant engineering and this is completely free of charge.

Linear units with thoothed belt drive

Linear units with thoothed belt drive are also pre-finished modules, that are used particularly in handling technology and assembly automation. They are mainly used for rapid and precise positioning of workpieces in single and multiple axis systems.

Accessories for linear units

Slides, corrosion protection, grease or grease gun: Also you receive the matching accessories for the isel linear technology from us.

Cross table

Linear tables from isel consists of two single-axis linear guide systems, which allows the movement of an object in two directions within a plane. Our cross tables can be integrated directly into a working machine, or mounted in addition as special accessory.