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CNC Desktop Machines

CNC desktop machines by isel – space-saving high-tec devices

A variety of 3, 4 and 5 axis cartesian robots and work stations are available in a number of sizes and requirements.

CNC Machines and CNC Milling Machines as desktop machines by isel are dynamic, innovative and multifunctional. With a small and compact design they combine sophisticated technology with the highest safety requirements. Apart from their use in the production they are also very suitable for school and training due to their safety doors and small size. In order not to unnecessarily complicate this use by financial barriers, we deliberately offer a low-cost entry-level model in industrial quality.

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An isel tabletop machine is available with a low-priced stepper motor controller as well as highly dynamic controller. Both controllers allow for Plug and Play function via USB. Even under pressure you can always rely on isel-technology, because the highly accurate drives allow immediate operation.

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Set Descending Direction

Quality meets safety

Over 20 years of competence in the production and maintenance of desktop machines speak for the quality and performance of our CNC systems. More than 2000 users put to quality of isel and use our table machines in the time. All components and our extensive range of CNC accessories are "made in Germany" and are exclusively produced in Germany.