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Change of ownership at isel Germany AG!

More information: Aalberts strengthens technology portfolio advanced mechatronics - Aalberts - mission critical technologies

For many decades, the company founder, Mr Hugo Isert, has managed the fortunes of isel Germany AG very successfully. Today we would like to inform you, that isel Germany AG is getting a new owner and Mr. Isert will retire from the management as of 26.01.2022.

The new shareholder will be IDE (Integrated Dynamics Engineering GmbH), a German company based in Raunheim, which belongs to the Aalberts N.V group, a Dutch company based in Utrecht.

The experienced management team of isel will lead the company in close cooperation with the management team of Aalberts advanced mechatronics in Raunheim (Germany) henceforth.

Aalberts expects the knowledge and capacities of isel to enable the joint development of new mechatronic systems and innovative software solutions. Furthermore, the strong market presence of Aalberts Advanced Mechatronik can support isel Germany AG to operate in the market even more efficiently, from which you will also benefit.


"Industrial systems" of imes-icore GmbH - Now at isel Germany AG!

Wir freuen uns, Ihnen mitteilen zu dürfen, dass die imes-icore GmbH mit Wirkung zum 1. Januar 2022 den Bereich des Industriegeschäftes auf die isel Germany AG übertragen hat.

Alle Produkte aus diesem Bereich können Sie ab sofort hier bei uns erwerben. Die isel Germany AG wird Sie auch zukünftig in der gewohnten Qualität im Bereich Beratung, Vertrieb und Service bedienen und mit Ihnen kommunizieren.

Die übernommen Produkte erscheinen ab dem 17.01.2022 in einem neuen Webauftritt der isel Germany AG. Nahezu alle ihre gewohnten Ansprechpartner finden Sie nun bei uns.


Tips from the orthopedist - 


Orthopedist gives parents tips on buying children's shoes

What solution a Frankfurt shoe store has found, and what tips an orthopedist gives to all parents - in the video. 

Thanks to our CNC machine of the series


 LINK to the Video: How to find the right children's shoe - despite lockdown (only german language)