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Revised catalogue iselRobotik

Revised catalogue "Wafer Handling components for the semiconductor industry" as PDF file


Revised main catalogue

Revised Main Catalogue of isel Germany AG

 Main catalogue "Automation" as PDF file (size: approx. 19 MB)

Ball screw spindle drives

with Servo/Steppermotor and coupling flange

Ball screws drives are used to convert a rotary motion into a linear motion. They are characterized by a high degree of excellent repeatability and a low mechanical wear. The drives are made of rolled, hardened and polished ball screws such as cured and ground ball screw nuts with internal ball return, wiper and grease nipple.

Ball screws spindle and ball screw Nuts can be adjusted and changed randomly.

Ball screw spindle drives with Servo/Steppermotor and coupling flange

The servo or stepper motors are conected with a clutch and bearing flange to the ball screw spindle
and are supplied as a complete drive unit.


  • 4 different motor sizes available with different flange size 40, 60, 86 and 110; for stepper and servomotors with motor controller
  • Clutch and bearing flange with backlash-free coupling between motor and ball screw spindle
  • Backlash-free and adjustable Ball screw Drive and Nut with mounting and clamping block
  • Ball screw spindle rolled, hardened and polished (ISO 7) repeatability > 0,01 / 300 mm length


  • Tolerance class
  • Motor brake
  • Absolute encoder
  • Stepper and servo motor
  • Controller for Stepper and servo motor
  • Motor and encoder cable
  • Linear guidance and units
  • Spindle Ø 32 mm


 RoboGolfPro Robotic Swing Trainer Now Installed

The RoboGolfPro Robotic Swing Trainer Now Installed at the Glen Abbey Golf Academy
in Oakville, Ontario / Canada

Posted by Kara Wood - September 9, 2014

RoboGolfPro Instruction Rates at the Glen Abbey Golf Academy

The RoboGolfPro

The RoboGolfPro Robotic Swing Trainer Now Installed at the Glen Abbey Golf Academ.

The most technologically advanced piece of golf training equipment in the world is up and running at the prestigious Glen Abbey Golf Club in Oakville, Ontario.

Part of the Clublink family of stunning golf courses, the Glen Abbey Golf Club is also home to the Clublink Academy, a golf school staffed by Canada’s top golf instructors.

The RoboGolfPro at Glen Abbey is the first in Canada and one of only a handful in North America.

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 Certificates ISO 9001 . 2008   Certificates :
  Certificates: with the following business unit has implemented and maintains a Quality Management System.

Design, production, sales and service of components and systems for automation Through an audit, doccumented in a report, it was verified that the management system fullfils the requirements of the following standard:

ISO 9001 . 2008


  Certificate registration no. 492657 QMOB
  Date of certification 2014-06-23
  Valid until 2017-06-16



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