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teltec systems ag
Oberebenestrasse 11
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LTW - Lasertechnologie Winter GmbH

Lasersysteme  LTW  Lasertechnologie Winter

LTW - Lasertechnologie Winter GmbH
Freisenbergstr. 35-37
D-58513 Lüdenscheid
Tel.:  04141/ 7976773
Fax:  04141/ 7976774

LTW is a pioneer of laser technology and has launched many ground breaking developments in the past 25 years. The latest is a combination of laser technology and industrial image processing, whereat multiple working and inspection cycles are realized in one station.

isel and LTW have realized, that in combining the technological systems of both companies, more complex tasks can be solved. Therefore they have agreed in a systemic partnership in the area of laser systems.

In cooperation with LTW - Lasertechnologie Winter GmbH this customer application "laser cutting" was produced.

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