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Profilés en aluminium

Profilés en aluminium isel:

Profilé de connexion PV et profilé d'angle PW


Profilé de cadre PR et profilé de rectangulaire PV

  • Aluminium T-profiles, naturally anodised, length 6,100 mm
  • T-slots and hollow inserts for slot nuts and screws
  • Non-cutting connection of the cuts with quick-release connectors
  • Suitable sheet material such as perforated sheets, mirror glass, acrylic, PVC and multi-skin sheets
  • Aluminium T-profiles, naturally anodised, length 6,100 mm
  • Angle connections with mitre cut for frames and display applications
  • T-slots usable for LED strips and fastening of plates from 1 to 8 mm
  • Aluminium cast feet and guide rollers for mobile use and slot covers in different colours

Profilé creux PH et stand profilé PS


Profilé de serrage et profilé de montage PR

  • Aluminium T-profiles, naturally anodised, length 6,100 mm
  • Suitable design for stands and trade fair structures with angle connectors
  • Fastening elements for advertising banners, lighting and boards
  • Adjustable feet and rollers for different floors, slot nuts and bolts up to M8 threads
  • Aluminium T-profiles, naturally anodised, length 6,100 mm
  • Single-sided and double-sided T-slots with 25 and 50 mm grids
  • Clamping plates for machines, tables and linear guides
  • Slot nuts and threaded inserts for M4 to M8
Accessoires - Profilés en aluminium   Profilé aluminium Série S

suitable accessories like:

  • Connection-, Mounting - or groove angles
  • Clamping Cônnectors , mounting clamps
  • Sliding nuts and lots more
  • Panel Profiles PP-Series
  • Universal Profiles PU-Series
  • T-slot plates PT-Series
  • Rectangular profiles RE-Series
  • Light frame profiles PL-Series
  • Stand Profiles PS-Series
  • Workbenches AT
  • Accessories

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