FlatCom® L series CNC-Milling Machine

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The largest CNC-Milling machine in the product range with travel ranges of


  • 5-axis machining (3 + 2 axis)
  • Large machining area of up to 1700 x 2500 mm
  • Gantry drive
  • Portal: mobile, Table: fixed
  • Windows 10
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FlatCom®  L series with servo motor drive

Large machining area, from 1700 up to 2500 mm

The FlatCom L is a robust machine for machining with cutting and non-cutting processes in the wood industry, advertising sector, as well as for various types of assembly work. With traverse paths of 1700 x 2500 mm, it is the largest CNC machine in the comprehensive product range of isel Germany AG.

With innovative enhancements such as a vacuum table, variable-speed spindle motors, different types of tool changing stations as well as handling systems from our robotics department, you are well-equipped for the future.

isel safty performance - functional safety

Since October 1st 2019, all isel CNC machines have "yellow safety technology" from PILZ "inside".

We are therefore prepared for all future relevant safety requirements and offer you maximum flexibility and peace of mind for your application.
Behind all this is a SIL and PL certification, which our isel customers can also continue to use for their applications.
We have gained valuable experience for the hardware and software from our numerous special machine projects over the past years, which we are incorporating here as a new standard.

You can also use this added value for your application. In future rely on the "yellow technology" from the market leader PILZ!


  • cooling spray device
  • Coolmin
  • blade tray
  • tool length sensor
  • spindle motors (up to iSA2200 applicable)
  • round changing systems SK 11 and SK 20
  • linear changing systems SK 11 and SK 20
  • SK11/SK20 automatic tool change stations
  • 4th axis with tailstock unit
  • 4th + 5th axis as rotary tilting unit
  • LED-lighting
  • RAL special colour according to customer requirements
  • pneumatic sliding door
  • machine handwheel
  • safety light curtain
  • size adjustment
  • openings in the machine table
  • further doors
  • laser safety glass
  • closed hood attachment
  • CAD/CAM-Software
  • workpiece clamping systems (hand levers, vacuum plates, etc.)
  • extraction systems
  • rotating units
  • cutter breakage control
  • customer-specific adaptations
  • extension of valve terminals
  • I/O distributor
  • I/O Coding
  • mechanical height sensor
  • sealing air kit for milling motors
  • various postprocessors CAD/CAM
  • interface adaptations for laser devices
  • PC control console with free PCI plug-ins (for use by external PCI hardware)
  • stainless steel keyboard
  • milling and engraving spindles
  • vacuum clamping tables
  • suction device
  • closed or light-proof hood for laser applications
  • maximum 6 interpolated axes + 6 handling axes
  • portal passage 435mm
  • suction device
  • version without hood
  • maximum 6 interpolated axes + 6 handling axes
  • portal gap according to customers request

Ideally suited for:

  • multi-shift operation 

Machining of

  • light metals,
  • non frrous metals (brass, bronze etc.)
  • CFRP
  • Ceramic
  • plastics
  • wood


  • 5-axis machining
  • Large machining area of up to 1700 x 2500 mm
  • Gantry drive
  • Mobile portal, fixed table
  • Removable cover


Set up:

  • Portal: fixed, bench: moveable


Attention! The CNC machine FlatCom L150 has no revolving doors.


Subject to change without prior notice.

Software ProNC
[ProNC.EXE] | Version= | Date= Fri Apr 03 15:30:27 2020
Software Remote
Version= | Date= Fri Apr 03 15:30:28 2020
Technical Data - Ordering Data Systems
  FlatCom L 150 FlatCom L 250
Processing areas X/Y [mm] * 1500 / 1700 2500 / 1700
Z lift  [mm] 210 (310, 410 as option)
Bench clamping area WxD [mm] 1600 x 2250 2600 x 2250
Z gap  [mm] * 270 (370, 470 as option)
Dimensions WxDxH [mm] with control cabinet 2485 x 2450 x 2211 (2411) 3485 x 2450 x 2211 (2411)
Processing speed  X/Y/Z max. 250 mm/s
Repeat accuracy [mm] ± 0,02
Drive motors Servo motors
Drive elements X/Y/Z Recirculating ball drive, adjustable for no play
Controller IMD CAN controller with 4 drive controllers, expandable to 12 axes
(max. 6 interpolated & 6 handling axes), iPC, E/A module, PILZ safety-sps circuit with 
rest state monitoring, power supply unit 48V/1000 W
Operation Control pult iOP-19-CPU
Weight [kg] appr. 550 appr. 650
Software Windows, WinRemote (optional: ProNC, isy 2.8)
Connection values 400 V, 16 A
Part-no. (Z gap=210mm) 278030 272443 278031 272443

* without mounted components on the axes!

Als CNC-Bearbeitungszentrum dient eine CNC-Maschine der Serie FlatCom L, die in Kooperation mit dem Kunden zu einer Sonderapplikation modifiziert wurde. Hier werden Strangpressprofile gefräst/bearbeitet, die ihren Einsatz in der Automobilindustrie findet.
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