• OPC UA is a flexible, transparent, secure and platform-independent architecture.
  • Uniform interfaces make it easy to access a wide range of applications such as MES, SAP and ERP systems, databases, cloud platforms, etc.
  • OPC UA is the vendor-independent communication protocol for the Smart Factory - standardized, secure, independent and ideal for Industrie 4.0
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OPC UA-Server from isel


OPC UA (Open Platform Communication, Unified Architecture) is a communication protocol for Industrie 4.0 and the Internet of Things (IoT). This protocol enables standardized data exchange between machines, devices and components used in the industrial sector. The interface standard is independent of manufacturers or system suppliers of an application, of the programming language in which a software was programmed and of the operating system on which the OPC UA application is finally executed.

Further information about OPC UA


Scope of functions

With a view to the usability of the isel machine series in an automation environment, useful functions from various information models were implemented in the isel OPC UA server application, which support the use of the machine by an OPC UA client. The functions provided enable the easy integration of almost all machine series offered by isel into OPC UA-based automation processes.

  • Euromap 77
    Job management, machine configuration, machine information, machine status

  • Umati (universal machine technology interface)
    Machine identification, machine monitoring (Machine-Tool), production information (ActiveProgram)

    Offizieller Partner von umati (universal machine technology interface)
  • Manufacturer-specific isel
    Access to machine and control parameters, access to variables, reading and writing of digital and analog inputs and outputs, job management via flag signaling, querying of process data, and much more.

You can get an overview of the functions of the OPC UA server in the documentation:

OPC UA Server from isel
(Link to OPC UA Server documentation)


  • OPC UA software extension module for isel machines.
  • Recommended hardware: Intel Core i3/i5, AMD Ryzen 3/5 or higher
    Runs under Windows 7 / Windows 10
  • Connection of already existing systems and machines possible (update of ProNC may be required)
    Integration of almost all machine models possible
  • Continuous expansion and supplementation of the information models provided

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