RemoteNC is a universal control program for outputting

  • runs with Windows operating systems (Windows 2000, XP, Vista, Win7 and Win8, Win10 (administrator rights required))
  • compatible with previous software versions
  • Processing of DIN66025 (G-code) file formats, NCP or CNC
  • is available in multiple languages (English, German, French, Hungarian)
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RemoteNC - Control software for Windows


  • universal CNC control program for NCP files and G-code
  • for additive and subtractive methods; Water jet and laser cutting
  • linear and circular interpolation, Helix interpolation, drilling cycles
  • configurable user interface for easy operation, series production, Handshake with master PLC
  • Look ahead track editing with CAN control
  • controllable up to 6 interpolating axes

RemoteNC is a universal control program for outputting files for machining methods milling, drilling, adhesive bonding, engraving, applying and water jet cutting or laser cutting / welding.

Supported file formats are the isel-specific NCP format (ASCII file with machining data generated by a CAM post-processor, the isel-specific CNC format (ASCII files in an expanded format for universal use in the process automation area, generated by ProNC) and the G-code format to DIN 66025.

RemoteNC is used first and foremost for controlling CNC machines operating different tasks and processes, which is why flexibility is a key feature of the program. A large choice of options allows easy adaptation to current requirements in each case.

Scope of operation
  • Support for digital joysticks
  • "Fast file selection" control panel for serial production
  • Milling / multiple output with movements
  • Graphic depiction of the processing file with zero point anddimensions isel-NCP, DIN66025/G-code file formats

isel-NCP, DIN66025 / G-Code file formats
  • Linear and circular interpolation, helical interpolation, drilling cycles
  • Access to digital and analogue inputs and outputs
  • When using a CAN controller: "On-the-fly" input/output(without stopping the movement) for metering applications
  • Message window, messages in the status line, time delay,input of variable values
  • Definition and use of machine positions(tool zero point, park position, home position, etc.)

Additional features for the isel-CNC file format (ProNC output format)
  • Repeating loops, counting loops, unconditional and conditional branches
  • Arithmetic and trigonometric functions
  • Sub-program systems
  • Real and symbol chain variables
  • Loading and storing process variables
  • Access to user-specific expansions, option to call up user software


  • runs with Windows operating systems (Windows 2000, XP, Vista, Win7 and Win8, Win10 (administrator rights required))
  • compatible with previous software versions
  • Processing of DIN66025 (G-code) file formats, NCP or CNC
  • immediate processing without conversion, File translation or conversion
  • integrated text editor with numerous features for rapid corrections to the present NC program
  • Use of up to 6 interpolating axes (Cartesian coordinates system and 3 auxiliary axes)
  • Look-ahead track processing with CAN controller
  • Managing a milling spindle
  • 2 I/O units can be used (max. 64 inputs, 64 outputs)
  • Signalling inputs and outputs for process synchronisation
  • manual axis movement with joystick, keyboard and mouse
  • incremental processing and system monitoring for commissioning
  • Configurable interface for user-friendly operation, serial production, handshake with master PLC, etc.
  • Control panel for movement control, input/output, spindle and tool change with buttons
  • Control panel for max. 6 handling axes independently of the interpolating axes
  • available in various languages (German, English, French, Hungarian) 
Command overview G-Code according to DIN 66025 - Programming instructions
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