FlatCom® M LES-5 series CNC-Milling Machine

2760X3 5X455
Delivery Time
2-3 Tage

Ideally suited for long traverse paths


  • high stiffness with low weight
  • maintenance-free motors
  • extensive accessories

Ideally suited for:

  • multi-shift operation

Machining of:

  • Aluminium / light metals
  • plastic
  • wood
  • foam
  • Plexiglas
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FlatCom® M-LES 5 series  -  with servo motor drive

Ideally suited for long traverse paths


FlatCom®-M is the revised version of our best-seller with a new stainless steel keyboard control panel, maintenance-free EC-drive and control and power
electronics housed in the dust-proof control cabinet  including the CAN PCI control card integrated in the control computer. The base consists of a sturdy aluminium
steel frame with linear units. The ball screw drives used in the linear axes are free of play, ensuring high precision, accuracy and quiet running.

FlatCom® CNC machines are available as compact units in 4 standard sizes. We would be happy to handle the design and manufacture of special custom-made machines for you.

4 standard sizes with traverse paths of 

  • X = 710 / 1210 mm
  • Y = 500 / 800 / 1300 mm
  • Z-Axis = 210 mm (310 as option)
  • Z-Opening = 250 mm (350 as option)


  • PC control console with free PCI plug-ins for use by external PCI hardware)
  • Safety light curtain
  • Milling and engraving spindles
  • SK11/SK20 automatic tool change stations
  • Minimum quantity lubrication or CoolMin cooling system
  • Vacuum clamping benches
  • Suction device
  • 4th axis e. g. RDH series installation
  • Version without hood
  • Maximum 6 interpolated axes + 6 handling axes
  • Portal gap 250 mm
  • Pneumatic sliding door
  • Closed hood attachment


  • Portal: moveable, bench: fixed

Technical specifications subject to change!

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Technical Data - Ordering Data Systems
  FlatCom M 20-LES5 FlatCom M 30-LES5 FlatCom M 40-LES5 FlatCom M 50-LES5
Processing areas X/Y(mm)* 710/500 710/750 1210/760 1210/1250
Z lift (mm) 210 (optional 310, in each case without processing unit)
Bench clamping area W × D (mm) 800x750 800x1000 1550x1000 1550x1500
Z gap [mm] * 250 (optional 350, in each case without processing unit)
Dimensions WxDxH [mm]** 1520x1150x1870 1520x1450x1870 2020x1450x1870 2020x1950x1870
Processing speed X/Y/Z max. 250 mm/s
Repeat accuracy (mm) ± 0,02
Drive motors Servo motors
Drive elements X/Y/Z Recirculating ball drive, adjustable for no play
Controller iMD CAN controller with 3 drive controllers,
expandable to 12 axes (max. 6 interpolated & 6 handling axes),
PC, I/O module, safety circuit with
rest state monitoring, power supply unit 48 V / 1000 W
Operation Control panel iOP-19-TFT
Weight kg approx. 350 approx. 400 approx. 500 approx. 570
Software (option) Windows, WinRemote (optional: ProNC, isy 2.8)
Connection values 230V, 16A 400V, 16A
Part-no. (Z lift = 210 mm) 276423 54165** 276433 54165** 276443 54165** 276453 54165**
Part-no. (Z lift = 310 mm) 276423 56165** 276433 56165** 276443 56165** 276453 56165**

* without mounted components on the axes !
** mit control cabinet and hood

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