Custom CNC Machines

Custom CNC Machines

Individual CNC special solutions for your automation task

  • Perfectly tailored to your requirements, we realize your customized special solution in a timely manner.
  • Benefit from our flexible machine concept.
  • From single drives to complete automation solutions, you get everything from one source. From consulting to commissioning and beyond, we are on your side worldwide.

We look forward to your inquiries and the realization of exciting, innovative projects.

isel Germany AG specializes in the planning, design and production of production equipment, industrial machinery and special purpose machines.

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Operational area, orthopaedic engineering

Customized CNC machine, BORGinsole

Belgian laboratory for robotized production of insoles for podiatrists in Europe.

Machines: Six OverHead® CNC milling machines

Drive: LES 5 Linear units with spindle drives

Operation: Control unit iOP19-CPU

Operating software: remote NC / proNC



Teltec systems ag developed and built a measuring system tailored for the needs of Varian Medical Systems.

Due to the modularly oriented products including open interfaces of the used controllers and software, we were able to build a pricewise very interesting system that fully met the customer's requirements.

The control and the attached linear measuring system give us the exact position of an axis. However, in order to verify the exact position in space (interaction of all axes), the measurement is required by means of a laser tracker system.

The 3-axis gantry measuring system with 3 x 1 m travel was set up on a stable measuring plate. For the acceptance of the system, the customer created a detailed acceptance test in which 125 points in the room were accurately measured by means of a laser tracker system. Thus, a 100% reliable target / actual comparison was produced and the requirements were agreed according to the test.

In order to verify the repeat accuracy, 9 measurement points were selected, which had to be approached 10 times.


Operational area, orthopaedic engineering

Customized CNC machine, Fa. Frohnhäuser 

That's what the company Frohnhäuser says:

Since using the special machine from isel, we have been able to increase our productivity considerably.

What we milled with our first milling machine in one day, we have now already produced after 3 hours with the isel machine.


Customized machine for production ball screw nuts

CNC special machine for the production of ball screw nuts

The special design of the CNC special machine allows the production of drive elements in different lengths, diameters ( Ø 12, Ø 16, Ø 20, Ø 25 mm) and spindle pitches.


Operational area, orthopaedic engineering

Customized CNC machine, Fa. Otto Bock


Operational area, MEASURING

Customized CNC machine, Fa. Vogt


Operational area, eyewear manufacturing

Customized CNC machine company Design-Naturell Optik GmbH


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