Series iMG 1010 CNC milling machine

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  • 5 axis operation standard
  • low vibration
  • high accuracy through precision guides
  • large operating panel with 24" touch operation
  • 15-fold tool changer

Typical materials:

  • Aluminum / light metals
  • CoCr
  • Titanium
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The iMG 1010 offers a compact solution for machining workpieces up to 100x100x100 mm. The machine enables a wide range of materials such as aluminum, CoCr or titanium to be machined precisely. The arrangement of the axes enables almost all positions on the workpiece to be reached without the need for reloading. The special mounting of the Y-axis is to be emphasized, which guarantees high stability as well as enormous vibration damping due to its installation position. The selection of workpiece clamping devices and holders in combination with the zero-point clamping system makes the machine a versatile machining center. The design allows wet/dry machining without time-consuming changeover. The basic design allows the machine to be extended by an optional handling system, which can enter the machine room from the right, left or from above. This allows workpieces to be changed automatically.

The zero-point clamping system serves as an interface and ensures the exact and repeatable positioning of the workpiece. By means of software interfaces, the system can be integrated into network-controlled automated manufacturing processes. The maintenance-friendly design and the durable direct spindle drives save service costs and time and offer a reliable machining system. During development, care was taken to ensure that all elements are easily accessible and yet protected from external influences to guarantee a long service life. A wide range of optional extensions are available for the system. For example, a practical base frame is available for storing tools, material or the extraction system.


  • 5-axis operation as standard
  • 15-fold tool changer
  • low vibration
  • high accuracy through precision guides
  • large operating panel with 24" touch operation


  • Machine base
  • automatic placement system
  • various clamping devices
  • Liquid cooling for milling spindle
  • Laser or print options
  • 3D measuring probes

Fields of application

The machine can be used flexibly for a wide variety of materials. Metals and plastics can be processed wet and dry without changeover. The zero-point clamping system facilitates the handling of the workpieces.

Typical materials:

  • Steel
  • Titanium
  • CoCr
  • Aluminum / light metals

Areas of application:
Precision parts for the areas:

  • medical technology
  • Precision Mechanics
  • Micromachining
  • Mould and prototype construction
  • Dental Technology
  • Jewelry Industry

Thanks to its solid construction and the high quality of the components used, the machine guarantees reliable precision.
With the control integrated in the housing and the high-quality servo drives, excellent
surface qualities are achieved.



The practical coolant tank has a capacity of five liters.
It can be easily pulled out and removed for cleaning and filling via a drawer under the machine.
The multi-stage filter system prepares the coolant for the system circuit and reliably retains chips and particles.
The filter system can be easily removed and cleaned.

Travel ranges X/Y/Z [mm]* 215 (including tool changer) x 115 x 120
Turn-swivel unit A/B  A = endless
B = 130° (-30° + 100°)
Workpiece dimensions [mm] Ø 100 x L 100
Dimensions WxDxH [mm] 800 x 800 x 1020
Drive elements X/Y/Z
 AC-Servo 200 Watt with absolute encoders
16 mm ball screw backlash-free
Tool changer 15-fold tool changer with length measuring probe
Milling spindles  1 kW 60,000 rpm.
compressed air supply 6-8 bar
Coolant tank  5 liters
Operation  24" touch screen
Weight [Kg] 225
Software WIN 10 / CNC Workbench / remoteNC
Connected loads 110V/ 240V 16A
Item No. 283004 0001
without mounted components on the axles.


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