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isel Controller - The intelligent choice for your automation job!

Machine axes are mainly numerically controlled in position control loops. In the digital controllers used, the position control occurs directly in the drive. Compared to the position control in the CNC, higher accuracies are achieved at higher speeds. At the same time the CNC is relieved. Communication between CNC and the controls is done at isel via the CAN bus.

The iMD10/20 controllers are cost-effective output stages for DC motors (iMD10) and EC servomotors (iMD20). The fully digital controller iMD40 is an affordable output stage, directly powered from the mains for EC servomotors (synchronous motors like e.g. linear or torque motors) up to 2kW.

Typical areas of application are CNC machines and automation technology. The housings of the output stages are optimised for control cabinet installation. The extensive configuration options allow flexible adaptation to various applications and all necessary settings can be made using user-friendly set-up software.

Various user interfaces are available for integration into custom applications and here the CANopen interface should be highlighted. Besides synchronous point-to-point positioning (S-PTP) and speed control, track control (CP - Continuous Path) and synchronised multiple axis applications via the implemented CANopen protocol DS402 are possible. Additional interfaces like a ± 10V interface (speed target value) and an RS232 interface are available. In the operation with the CAN-bus, a distance sensor can be connected via the ±10V interface to carry out the distance correction e. g. for LASER applications in real time.

Short controller cycle times (current, speed, position controller) ensure optimum performance for highly dynamic drives. The controllers are suitable for both rotary drives and for corresponding linear direct drives and torque motors (iMD20 and iMD40). A redundant standstill monitoring device has been integrated into the controller and reduces the capacity in external modules of the control to a minimum and conveniently designs the use or application of the machine.

As a provider of CNC solutions, we can offer you everything related to CNC. Whether it is a controller for motors, single-axis, multi-axis controller or CNC control units – you can get it all from one source.