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Logosol Prealigners

The LPA series Logosol prealigners are an innovative, high-precision, class 1 clean room solution with integrated scan electronics. These Logosol prealigners make it possible to align objects from 45 mm to 480 mm, regardless of their degree of transparency. They centre wafers, masks and other substrates, detect notches, flats or other marks and align the object exactly and independently.

The Logosol prealigners are innovative, high precision, class 1 compatible Logosol prealigner solutions with integrated scan electronics. The Logosol prealigners are proprietary products of Logosol, Inc. USA www.logosolinc.com

Single-axis Logosol prealigners

Single-axis Logosol prealigners (embedded) only operate in conjunction with an isel wafer handler and are integrated into the system as an additional axis. Given that this Logosol prealigner only has a single axis (rotation), the first step is to determine the adjustment values for centring the wafer and the notch / flat is aligned. In the second step the robot adjust the eccentric offset when picking up the wafer with adapted station coordinates. A vacuum between the end effector and the Logosol prealigner ensures that the wafer is secured at all times and is in contact at the rear. This Logosol prealigner is a cost-effective solution for standard wafers of 45 mm Ø - 470 mm Ø.

Triple-axis Logosol prealigners

Triple-axis Logosol prealigners (standalone) are devices which operate independently and align square or rectangular substrates of 45 mm Ø - 480 mm Ø with high precision, regardless of their transparency. The alignment of different objects of various sizes is implemented without mechanical adjustment of the Logosol prealigner. The Logosol prealigner has a chuck load and a pin load mode and and optional high Logosol precision mode, dual layer function (stacked wafer) or external sensors for detecting edge markings. A vacuum between on the chuck and pins ensures that the wafer is secured at all times and is in contact at the rear. A large number of different contact materials for chucks and pins and friction chucks (without vacuum) are optionally available. Given that triple-axis Logosol prealigners work self-sufficiently and also have an RS232 and an Ethernet interface, the devices can be integrated into any robot system.


"Edge handling"Logosol prealigners

Edge handling Logosol prealigners are devices which operate self-sufficiently with passive contact in the edge area of the wafer. This guarantees the highest level of purity and freedom from stress when handling wafer of 75 mm Ø - 300 mm Ø. A high Logosol precision variant is also optionally available.

The information on this page is the sole property of Logosol, Inc. www.logosolinc.com