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More cost-effectiveness thanks to durable modular drive elements

Plug-in, flexible & customized linear units
  • Bespoke CNC systems
  • Maximum manufacturing depth
  • Free samples
  • Easy to use
  • Can be upgraded later
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Made in Germany

isel Germany AG is official partner of umati (universal machine technology interface)!

Linear units and multi-axis systems for automation

Single axis arrangement like the LES series

Single axis arrangements

Here you will find:
  • Linear units with spindle drive
  • Linear units with toothed belt drive
  • Linear units with cross table/linear table/accessories
2-axis arrangement like the LES series

Two axis arrangements

Here you will find:
  • Cross table10/20
  • Other cross tables on request
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Multi-axis Systems

Here you will find:
  • Boom arrangement with two axes
  • H-construction with two axes
  • Cross table variants slide on slide

Single Axis Systems

Linear units with spindle drive

Plug-in modules for light machine construction, handling technology and factory automation, manufacturing according to customer specifications

Configurator / LES 4
1 track, 75 mm wide, motor can be mounted sideways
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Configurator / LES 6
2 track, 150 mm wide, motor can be mounted sideways
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Configurator / LES 5
2 track, 225 mm wide, integrated motor
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Configurator / iLE 20/20
for increased payloads and feed forces.
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Linear units with belt drive

Fast and accurate positioning and transport of medium-sized work-pieces in assembly automation, handling and machine handling

Configurator / LEZ 1
The most economical, simplest & narrowest axis, guided on both sides, on request up to 6,000 mm
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Configurator / LEZ 2
Flat axis, can be fastened from above, length up to 6,000 mm
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Configurator / LEZ 3
High load-bearing, sliding carriages can be fitted on top & bottom, motor modules can be flanged right and left, length up to 6,000
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Configurator / LEZ 4G
Stainless steel cover as standard and external limit switch sensor system
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Configurator / LEZ 9
Motor modules can be flanged right & left, inductive limit switches, servo-motor
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Two Axis Systems

Cross table/Linear table

Cross table 10/20
XY linear units LES 5 for heavy loads each equipped with four linear slides and by servomotor with ball screw drive
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as an example T-slot slide plate LES 6 Limit switches, shaft couplings, connecting angles and much more.
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Multi-axis Systems

Flexible technology for all requirements

Linear units are now used in almost all areas of manufacturing and mechanical engineering: The more flexible the drive, the better. Linear technology from isel is based on years of experience and many specific customer requirements, which have been incorporated into the further development of our linear units. As a result, we are now able to offer the right linear solution for every application. Even special motor connections are available upon customer request. Please contact us!

Multi axis systems
Here you will find a wide range of multi axis systems
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Maximum flexibility in production thanks to our iLE 20/20 linear unit

Discover the next generation of linear motion technology! The iLE 20/20 linear unit represents the pinnacle of precision engineering, driven by continuous innovation and customized to individual customer needs. This robust unit offers exceptional stability for increased payloads and feed forces, making it the optimal choice for demanding industrial applications.

Overhead axis combination of 4 linear axes

Our linear units and axis combinations are used in special machine construction for milling, laser, dosing and 3D printing applications or in test centers such as wind tunnel, measuring and laboratory applications. In addition to the axis arrangement shown in the video, there are many other variants. The motor is mounted directly, laterally, integrated and ready to plug in. Air purge connections and external limit switches are also possible.

Application examples axle constructions

With our isel linear axes from the LEZ series, versatile customer-specific solutions are easy to implement. Are you already familiar with the versatile solutions made possible by handling systems with linear axes and toothed belt drives? This technology offers incredible flexibility and speed for a wide range of industrial applications.

Any other questions? We would be delighted to give you more help!

Linear systems play an important role in the productivity and machine throughput of a company. Our employees are the right contact persons for all issues concerning linear units and would be delighted to help you find the best linear solution for your company.

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